Celebrity Big Brother Recap Season 2 Episode 2: Anthony Scaramucci Talks Government Shutdown

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Although Anthony Scaramucci isn’t as boisterous as you might expect him to be on Celebrity Big Brother, he isn’t exactly keeping his lips sealed either.

After just a couple days in the house and a few softball questions from Tom Green, the former White House communications director opened up the government shutdown, saying he didn’t think was likely a resolution would come soon, citing “acrimony” between Republicans and Democrats. “They can’t get anything done,” Scaramucci said of the government shutdown, which President Donald Trump previously said he would own (“I’ll take the mantle”) before later blaming Democrats in a flip-flop on his previous statement. (Big Brother houseguests typically aren’t informed of current events while in the house; although, the Big Brother All Access cast were informed of Donald Trump’s presidential win in 2016.)

Tom, who is Canadian and thus deemed the semantics of the government shutdown not his problem, also asked about a potential financial crash. Scaramucci claimed it isn’t likely since the economy is in a very good position. The Mooch also talked about how he doesn’t think he’ll get invited back to the White House because he’s “not a politician” and the people surrounding Trump don’t want “people from his ‘neck of the woods'” around the president.

Apparently, in D.C., it’s all about the alliances. Just like this season of Big Brother.

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While the houseguests were running around the house making connections galore (which will all no doubt fizzle out with the week), former Blossom star Joey Lawrence boasted about the fact that he hates the mere WORD alliance. He doesn’t believe in them, and he won’t be in one, said the guy who has clearly never watched the very CBS reality show that he’s on right now. (Whoa.)

Because of his vocal objections, Lawrence missed out on the opportunity to be in the season’s first alliance. Mean Girls‘ Jonathan Bennett and Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte are the Celebrity Power Pair and had to battle to either win to become HOH, or lose to become the first person nominated for eviction. With these big moves weighing on them, the two decided to create a super alliance in order to have numbers on their side, no matter which of them end up on the block. They were able to secure guarantees from Tamar Braxton, Kandi Burress, Natalie Eva Marie and Lolo Jones. Then, Jonathan, Ryan, Natalie and Lolo formed a secret, smaller final four alliance within their larger one.

But the union didn’t stop there: Unaware of Natalie and Lolo’s group, Tamar suggested that the two of them join up with her and Kandi. Of course, they agreed. They’re the anti-Joey Lawrence. They love alliances!

And so does the Mooch, apparently. (Maybe he’s just upset he doesn’t have a DC alliance?) After Ryan won the head-to-head battle versus Jonathan and became the first Head of Household, Scaramucci started his politicking. He formed an alliance with Kato Kaelin and Tom Green. Although, it might not do him much good.

With Jonathan already on the block, meanwhile, Julie Chen told Ryan that he must choose an additional two guests to go up for eviction. He had 30 minutes to decide, and while he briefly considered Dina Lohan (who he repeatedly referred to as “Diana”), he ultimately decided to nominate Scaramucci and Tom.

Can Scaramucci survive the block and stay in the Big Brother house? Or will he wind up out of another high profile role after less than two weeks?

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition airs its next episode on Wednesday night at 8/7c.

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