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Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy Trailer is Delightful and Strange

Ready to sink into a very surreal streaming series that will make this very strange year seem normal by comparison? If so, good news. Netflix totally has you covered.

The first trailer for The Umbrella Academy has been released and reveals just how beautifully bonkers the show will be. Based on Gerard Way’s graphic novels, the story centers on a group of now-grown kids who were among the dozens born to un-expecting mothers out of the blue one day. The six were adopted — or rather, bought — by a bazillionaire who decided to groom their superhero talents for some world-saving chores later in life, and now they’re being called upon to complete that mission.

After their father-slash-teacher’s death, they are reunited to say goodbye to the old man and find out from the time-hopper of the family, Number Five (Aidan Gallagher), that the world is about to end in eight days, and there’s someone or something trying to stop them from preventing the apocalypse.

That might sound heavy and eerie and all, but these siblings are all much too rock and roll to let the gravity of the situation bother ’em too much.

The Umbrella Academy premieres on Netflix on Feb. 15.

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