Here at Nordisk TV abroad, we deliver Danish TV, Danish DR, Danish TV2 etc. To Danes all over the world. 
Spain is a country which is very popular among Danes, both as a holiday destination but also a residence, for long-term residents abroad. 

When staying in Spain, many different Danish channels, such as DR TV, TV2 etc., have been blocked. And so you have to watch Spanish TV. 
It can be hard to have to do without the Tv newspaper every night, or maybe the children usually watch cartoons on DR Ultra before they have to sleep or something compl

etely third. That is why we have developed a solution that will enable you to watch Dansk TV, even if you are in Spain. 

We have several different solutions depending on whether you are on holiday or resident in Spain. 
The most sold solutions are our Tvbox directly on the television, but we work just as well on the tablet, Ipad, computer or smartphone.

This makes our solution, for example, Can be combined with an Apple TV, a Chromecast, or a SmartTV and so you can stream directly to the TV around the computer etc.

Are you therefore a resident of Spain or are you on your way to Spain and you miss Dansk TV, please contact us for help in choosing the right solution for your particular needs. You can of course also place your order directly here on the website and be online in a few minutes.